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Posted on: September 20, 2008 9:19 pm
Edited on: September 21, 2008 8:31 am

Being a Brewers fan is like being Charlie Brown

I've been following the Milwaukee Brewers for the previous 30 years and it is just too difficult and frustrating. The Brewers just can't seem to make it to the MLB Postseason. That 1982 World Series was 26 long years ago. Ughhhh! 

This is the second straight season in which Milwaukee has self destructed ... imploded if you will. I guess it's just not meant to be this year, but it's frustrating because the team has a lot of young, talented players. I think I need some advice from Sally.

It shows me that there is tremendous parity in the Majors. The competition is strong. For instance, I look at the Chicago Cubs and they're just so good. That's difficult for me to say, but it's true. They're so damn good and have a lot of talent on that team.  The Cubs play with more heart than the Brewers and that may be a reflection of the team's coach, Lou Pinella. I wonder if Linus has some intelligent answer in response to the Brewers' woes.

Milwaukee has failed to play well against the Major League's upper-tier teams. The Cubs have had their way with Milwaukee, as have the Mets and Phillies. Milwaukee seems to be intimidated by teams with better records. I'm not quite sure what the x-factor is, but I'll point out a couple of things:

One, we don't have enough clutch hitters on the team who can knock runners in. If you look at the RBI total of our Nos. 3 and 4 hitters, it's pretty embarrassing. Milwaukee needs to make a decision on Rickie Weeks. In my opinion, he's part of the reason the offense is stale. We need a leadoff hitter who can get on base more frequently. Ughhhh! 

Also, middle relief has been horrible. Milwaukee's starting pitching has put the team in a position to win, but the middle relief has failed to step up and serve in their set-up roles. The closer spot has been problematic. Ughhhh! 

This is a relatively young team and it seems like the offense goes into prolonged slumps together. It's either feist or famine. There isn't one guy on the team who has been consistent all season long, and that's problematic. Ughhhh! 

Granted, the season isn't over yet, but we don't deserve to be in the postseason. I'm not sure if Dale Sveum is the answer or not, but it is obvious to me that the issues I referred to above need to be addressed.

I felt this way about the Packers in 1995. The day the Brewers clinch a playoff spot is the day I will well up in tears. Meanwhile, I will spend another year wondering if the Brewers will ever make it to the postseason. I can't tell you how frustrating this is. I want this team to win so badly and it just doesn't seem like it will ever be meant to be.

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