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Posted on: July 13, 2008 9:17 am
Edited on: July 13, 2008 9:21 am

Green Bay made the right call with Favre

I have a couple of things to say about this Brett Favre soap opera.

Packer fans are ready to move in a new direction at quarterback.First, the Packers made the right decision in declining Favre's request to be released so that he can attempt to sign with another team. He's loved by Packer fans and he put Green Bay in a difficult position from a public relations standpoint in his decision to not stay retired. Packer fans kind of want him back, but are also sick of the offseason after offseason of drama that he creates. 

Aside from that, the Packers need to move in a new direction with the younger quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers may never play at a level that Favre has, but Rodgers needs the opportunity to prove that. He has been in this system long enough to understand, in theory, how to lead it down the field. That brings me to my second point ...

The system clearly works. Favre was told by the coaching staff last season to play within the confines of it and he did ... and had a successful season as a result. I've seen Favre attempt to place the load of the offense on his shoulders in that gun-slinging style, which has blown up in his face from time to time. However, last season, he was brilliant. Yes, he brings the intangibles (that underhand flick in the playoffs), but I think his success last season was in large part directly attributed to playing within the system.

Rodgers doesn't have much game experience, but his future is now. The Packers also drafted Louisville's Brian Brohm and LSU's Matt Flynn, who could also develop in time. I know that game against Dallas last season, in which Rodgers replaced an injured Favre, may have only been one game, but Rodgers showed leadership and command of the offense.

It gives Packer fans hope.

Rodgers obviously doesn't have the arm strength of Favre, but Rodgers does have mobility and strong decision-making abilities. He is now at that point in which he reads his progressions based on how the defense is aligned and can find the open receiver. As long as he can open it up by throwing it down the field in order to keep the defense honest, I think Rodgers should be able to keep this young and talented Packer offense playing at a high level.

The offense won't skip a beat with Rodgers leading the attack, and he has a lot of talent around him to pick himself up if he needs it.

Let's give Rodgers a chance to prove that and let's see, also, how this Brett Favre thing plays out. I'd love to see Favre accepting that back-up role in the event that something bad happens to Rodgers, who is clearly less durable than the NFL's Iron Man.

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